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August 7th, 2006

Mercedes, Age 15

Q: Can you tell me what you are getting out of this program?

Well, what I am getting is that we are learning how to cooperate together. I always feel like I have more energy here and we have to exercise and dance together. We are all a group.

Q: What do you think of the questions during the group therapy?

I like that part. It makes us think.

Q: How do you feel about dancing in front of your Probation Officer, or the Judge during the finale?

Oh, my god! It is going to be hard embarrassing. But I will do it because I want to get off probation. And we are getting pretty good.

Crystal, Age 16

Q: Can you tell me what you are getting out of dancing with the other girls?

I am learning to be, like, more confident in myself. Like, all those talks we are doing, all those questions, I think they mean a lot, like, they make me realize things about myself I did not know.

Q: Do you think we should continue this program?

This a great program for girls our age. For me, it's helping me a lot. Because I used to do nothing; I used to be in my house all day after school, I used to be boring and you know, I am getting a lot of help in here.

Q: Are you staying out of trouble more since you have been in the program.

I don't get into trouble! Not anymore. But, I feel more confident and more responsible, I trust more people now, and talk to them. It's good.

Mari, Age 16

Q: Can you tell me a little about what you are getting out of this program, so far?

This program is really helping me, like, to gain trust with other girls, which I could not before. Now I can talk in front of people. I can dance in front of people, and now I don't get embarrassed as much. It is a good program. They teach you how to relax. You relax and you feel better when you come here. I love it.

Q: Can you tell me why you were referred to this program?

I was referred to this program because I had some drug charges.

Q: How is this program helping you stay out of trouble?

It is helping me because I now have something to do. I have made new friends and I am able to talk about my problems here. I don't get in as many fights since I started this program.

Jessenia, Age 17

Q: I noticed you are one of the leaders among the group. What qualities do you think make a leader?

I like to be a role model for others girls. Q: How do you do that?

By respecting myself and them.

Q: How do you think this program might be of help to teenagers at risk?

It will help them, to get them off the streets, because the streets are very, very bad.

Q: Are you learning any new skills on how to communicate your feelings?

Yes. I think that if you are in a group and you hardly know each other, it is good. You have to learn to trust each other.

Q: What do you think of the dancing, so far?

I think it's the bomb. It's great.

Q: Can you tell us why we should continue this program?

Because us girls love it! We have a great time, and it keeps us off the streets. We get to talk about our problems and, I don't know. I just love it.
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